17 Apr

Hello Readers! I am pleased to announce that we now have official “Telling: Austin” flyers! Please print them out, hand them out, share them online, pin them around town or on your bedroom wall. They’re a great way to get the word out, and, as you can see, they look pretty cool too. We also have an official press release. Leave a comment if you would like to receive a copy of it for your local newspaper, radio station, etc.

Also, today our own cast member Leila Levinson published an article about “Telling: Austin” on the Huffington Post blog. It is so fabulous to have a cast member who is an online contributor to such a great newspaper and an incredible honor to be a part of this story. In Leila’s article, “Time to Listen to Veterans Tell Their Truths,” she offers a first-hand depiction the Telling process and its impact on herself, her fellow cast, and the Austin community. You can enjoy her post here.

And remember, there’s only eight days left until opening night. While the cast and crew are busy with rehearsals, you can do your part too by RSVPing to the show, sharing this blog with your friends, and donating to the Telling Project.

Thanks for reading!


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